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Are you suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder?

4 tips to enhance daily life for a loved one living with Alzheimers


Are you telling Facebook you are depressed without even knowing it?

Feeling the need to harm yourself?

How to regain your sanity after you have been gaslighted

What Are the Different Types of Addiction?

Is your nightcap preventing a quality nights sleep??

Sleep Deprivation

Is Your spouse having an emotional affair?

About 35% of married women and 45% of married men admit to having had"emotional" affairs during their marriages. That can be just as devastating to a partner as a physical affair. What are some of the signs? 

Teen Suicide is Preventable

Suicide is a relatively rare event and it is difficult to accurately predict which persons with these risk factors will ultimately commit suicide. However, there are some possible warning signs such as:

Drawing is better than writing for memory retention

Researchers from the University of Waterloo found that even if people weren't good at it, drawing, as a method to help retain new information, was better than re-writing notes, visualization exercises or passively looking at images.


Child abuse in your home?

Who abused and neglected children? 

  • 83.4% (More than four-fifths) of perpetrators were between the ages of 18 and 44 years.
  • 53.7% (More than one-half) of perpetrators were women
  • 45.3 % of perpetrators were men 
  • and 1.0 % were of unknown sex.

7 ways to become happier

Happiness is precious. We all live a somewhat tumultuous life where both good and bad things happen. When those difficult times hit, we weather them as best we can and eventually strive to regain a sense of happiness.

Sometimes it seems hard to do.

Symptoms of Depression

There are many symptopm of depression. Many of wehich we might often overlook. If you are suffering from one or more of thise symptoms it may be a good idea to have a chat with a licensed therapist of Psychologist.

Do you suffer from road Rage?

Signs of Road Rage

  • Bad/Careless driving such as tailgating, cutting others off, not using signals and making obscene gestures
  • Drivers who are angry, stressed, tired, frustrated or having a bad day
  • Inconsiderate drivers who don’t respect other drivers.








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